Buying Airsoft Ammo

The extreme action sport of airsofting is seemingly getting more and more popular by the day. One day you will see four kids out in a field somewhere, shooting each other with the realistic looking AK-47’s or AR-15’s. The next, police academies and military training programs are using them to simulate real-life missions for their students. Airsoft has swept the world, taking technology and kids everywhere with it.

Airsoft started out in Japan in the mid 1980’s after a law was passed that disallowed the ownership of real firearms in the country. Manufacturers began to realize that people where very much still interested in guns, so they began to produce plastic models that shot out various calibers of rubber or plastic BB’s. Over then next two decades, airsofting has developed into a world-wide phenomenon, as well as the technology that comes with it.

While some of you not familiar with the sport my not think there is that much thought put into developing a plastic BB, but surprisingly, there is. Everything from the weight of the BB to what the BB is made out of determines it’s flightpath out of the barrel of the gun.

BB’s can weigh anywhere from .11 grams to .88 grams. The lighter they are, the faster they fly. But the downside to a light BB is that the wild factor plays a much bigger role in where it will end up. Lighter BB’s are mainly used for close quarters combat (CQB) and typically fired from a sub-machine gun or shotgun. The heavier BB’s used in airsoft are better equipped for longer flight paths. Given that, the  9mm Ammo best use for heavy airsoft BB’s are for sniper rifles or other long range assault weapons. While they do not fly as fast, they can maintain their kinetic energy better and fly a truer path to the intended target. And the medium weighted BB’s use is basically for everything in between and can work in almost any and all situations.

When buying airsoft ammo, the main factors to consider are:
What kind of gun do I have?
What style of play am i going for, CQB, Sniper, Support?
Where will i be playing? Is it windy?


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