Drinking More Water Can Be a Symptom of Diabetes in Cats

As veterinarians, we are often concerned with getting cats to drink more water. These desert descended creatures developed highly efficient kidneys to deal with the water shortages that come with desert living. Because their kidneys work so well to help keep them hydrated, cats have poor thirst mechanisms. Most cats simply do not drink in response to mild dehydration. Additionally, cats are very finicky about the water they choose to drink from.

So, when your cat suddenly start to drink a lot of water, it usually indicates a medical problem of some sort. Whenever you notice your cat drinking more water the first thing you should do is immediately have your cat examined by a veterinarian.

In this article we will discuss diabetes, a common endocrine disease in cats and how a cat water fountain can help in management.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus, more commonly referred to as just “diabetes”, is not having enough insulin. Insulin is the hormone which allows cells to absorb and use glucose. Without enough insulin, the excess glucose stays in the blood stream causing high levels of blood sugar and starving the cells of energy. The high circulating blood sugar levels cause many of the symptoms of diabetes. Luckily, diabetes is usually easy to diagnose with a few blood tests. The really good news is that early detection and proper treatment can cause remission in many cats!

The four main signs of diabetes are:

  • Ravenous appetite – cats feel like they are starving
  • Weight loss – cats can no longer process energy
  • Large amounts of urine in the box – glucose in the urine causes draws water from the body
  • Excessive drinking – cats need to drink much more to compensate for water lost in the urine and the high blood sugar stimulates the thirst centers

*** This results in a very thirsty cat! ***

When cats are drinking more water, it is usually very obvious to their owners hairless cats for sale Cats will be noticed at the water dish more often and are drinking for longer periods of time. You may notice that you suddenly are filling the bowl much more often than you were. Your cat may suddenly seem obsessed with water; crying at the water bowl, jumping up on the sink or tub when he or she hears running water, or begging you to turn on taps. Whereas your cat was previously happy to drink from a bowl they now only want to drink from a running tap, sometimes to the point of annoyance.

Cat Water Fountains Can Help.

A well designed cat water fountain can help meet the new needs and demands of your thirsty cat. The sounds of running water can attract your cat to the fountain. The water stays fresh and well oxygenated which encourages them to drink. The streams will help keep your cat off the counter and in your way when you turn on the tap. Large reservoirs help ensure your cat always has enough fresh water. But which fountain should you choose? Consider the following factors:

1. First and perhaps most importantly, choose a fountain with a very large reservoir or water capacity. Diabetic cats can drink an astounding amount of water. You never want a diabetic to run out of water as this can quickly lead to life threatening dehydration.

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