How to Deal With Slugs in Your Garden

There are a wide variety of garden pests that you have to deal with when trying to grow things in your yard. One type of pest that can become a problem over time are slugs. These can overrun a garden very quickly if you don’t take care of the problem. There are many ways to deal with slugs in your garden.

The first thing that you can do is to make sure that your garden isn’t actually attracting slugs to it. Many make the mistake about having things in the garden that makes slugs Kilogram to Slug online converter want to be there. Don’t provide the slugs the needed shelter from the sun. Many will leave out garden pots or other things that will make a nice shelter for slugs to be in during the day. Get rid of these things.

Also be sure to remove any decaying matter in your garden. Just keep everything clean in the garden so that the slugs aren’t attracted there as easily.

One way of removing slugs is to physically remove them. You will have to go out in the later evening hours when they start to become active. This is the best time to remove them. As you do this over a few nights, their numbers will decrease.

Yeast traps are something you can use as well. This means that you take small jars and bury them into the soil. Add in yeast, sugar, and water or beer inside the jar. This attracts and gets rid of slugs. However some people also present the counter argument that you can trap the slugs, but you will also attract far more because beer is food for them.

Other natural ways of dealing with slug infestation problems involve scattering pieces of “sharp” bits around your garden or infested areas. These “bits” are not actually “sharp” but they are things like coffee grounds, eggshells, small rocks, etc. that you can scatter around your flowers or vegetable beds which scratch up the under side of the slugs bellies thus killing them. The eggshells and coffee grounds work well because slugs are attracted to them because they are organic material.

Consider using anti slug powders in your garden. There are some like diatomaceous earth that are effective since they dry out slugs in your garden when they come into contact with it. Some spread it around the garden while others just make a barrier that makes is hard for the slugs to cross. This is a very cheap way of dealing with slugs and other garden pests.

Slugs in the garden are a pretty big pest problem. Learn some practical methods for controlling the slug population in your garden and getting rid of them. It’s also important to get rid of slugs if you own a dog or other household pet that is prone to eat them. Slugs are highly toxic to our pet friends so if you notice slugs in your yard or garden you should take action immediately.

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