Interactive Learning – Three Great Tools For Creating Content For Online Courses

When creating interaction with content for online learning, make sure that you focus on creating learning activities that are designed to help learners accomplish the learning objectives and are delivered through various media online.

The following three teaching software tools can help you make engaging, interactive content:

1. Xtranormal

Xtranormal makes movie-making simple. It is based on typing. You type something, they turn it into a movie on the web and on your desktop. You can also design a scene, customize camera angles, and use drag-and-drop animations to bring the characters to life.

What is cool is that they offer a variety of artistic sets and actors and you can frame your action by selecting a predefined camera shot, making and saving your own setup, or use automatic camera switching.

2. Symtext

Symtext makes Liquid Textbooks. A liquid textbook can provide personalized, experiential and economic online learning experiences for your students.

Basically, what happens is you can combine content from e-books and other digital content into one place. You can select just the content that you need – e.g. the chapters from a book – and the content is posted online for the students as a liquid textbook. Symtext negotiates with the publishers for permission.

What is cool is that this technology has many interactive features too a course in miracles which means that you can go beyond traditional textbooks.

3. Wimba Create

Wimba Create is great tool for creating course content. The software converts Microsoft Word documents into a set of webpages that includes navigation and interactive features that are easily uploaded into a course. It is fast and easy to use. Interactive features are added into courses using simple styles and dialog boxes.

This software adds interactive learning features such as: Windows Media, flash, and QuickTime movies; Streaming audio and video; self-test questions; flashcards; and many more.


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