Introduction to Article Writing

The ability to write articles is one of the most powerful tools for any writer. An article is a written work that that forms an independent part of a publication. For example, a news article is a single news story within a newspaper or newsletter. To understand articles better, you will need to know the different types of articles one typically sees.

Type 1: The List Article

“Hawaii’s Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations”

“5 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself From Flood Damage”

“15 Ways to Run Over Your Own Foot With a Lawnmower”

“Natural Remedies to Cure a Toothache”

“How to Eat 100 Hotdogs in Less Than a Minute!”

“4 Steps to Installing Your New Flatscreen TV”

What do each of these have in common? They are all articles that are going to give you tips or suggestions based on a list. These articles are usually structured in a numbered list format with supporting information for each numbered item.

The number one positive of a list article is clear organization. A structured list allows for easier viewing and allows the reader to “skim” the author’s points. People like to learn things that takes very little time investment.

The two sub-article types in this category are the “Steps” and the “How To” article. These are also refereed to as “process articles” because reddit essay writing service they explain to the reader how to accomplish something in steps.

“10 Easy Steps to Making Over Ten Million Dollars Online… In a Week!”

People like doing things in steps. A step-by-step guide helps the reader put your advice or information into perspective, and reassures them that they can put your articles advice to use.

“How to Speed Up Global Warming”

Many “How to” articles will also feature a list style of organization. People expect a “How to” article to give them specific information on how they can accomplish the desired task, and normally there are steps or topic points that correlate with how to accomplish a task. “How to” articles may or may not be numbered, but they are usually broke down into specific topic points that are clearly marked.

List articles are a popular type of article you will find on the web and in magazines, but are also commonly found in brochures, newspapers and newsletters, as well as many other unconventional publication methods

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