Know How to Become a Certified Roofer

Those already in the roofing business, hoping to gain additions education may consider the option of becoming a certified roofer.

A certification provides professionals with an edge in the competition for jobs, while providing potential clients with the comfort in knowing they’re hiring someone with a high experience level. In this article with will outline the steps necessary to obtaining your roofing certification.

Step 1: Begin by completing a roofer training program. This program typically includes course attendance or an apprenticeship with a trained professional. During the program, you will learn various techniques as well as what types of materials are best suited for each application.

Step 2: Obtain an apprenticeship. Individual states require a certain number of years as an apprentice to finally become certified. Inspect your area’s regulations pertaining to the required amount of time you will need.

Step 3: Once you’ve got your apprenticeship completed, you will need to apply for insurance or bonding. A good policy will ultimately protect you against any future lawsuits regarding your work.

Step 4: In order to become certified, you must also pass the roofer licensing exam. The application for the exam can be filled out online through the national testing organization known as Prometic. You will be required to go ahead and submit evidence of your work history, business references, and credit.

Step 5: Study, Study, Study! Study guides are available to applicants online. In addition, you may want to check various references and study guides provided by your state to cover all of you Roof inspections r bases. Take your studies seriously, and walk into your exam confident in your knowledge and abilities

Step 6: Once you have passed your exam, you should look into joining various associations such as the National Roofing Contractors Association. Becoming associated with such organizations will add credentials to your resume while helping to market yourself to potential customers.

Step 7: Retain your information. Keep up on all the new procedures, techniques, and materials. You don’t ever want to fall behind the curve when new technology is available. By keeping yourself up to date, you will also keep yourself in demand.

The road to certification is certainly a long one. However, the benefits far out weight any down side you can come up with. If you’re really serious about becoming a professional roofer, certification is a definite must.

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