There is no doubt that kissing, when done correctly, can create an intimacy and connection that can catapult a relationship to the next level more quickly than any other act. When done poorly though, a lackluster kiss can doom a relationship with a partner with which you might have everything in common. This is why learning how to kiss is a skill that you should want to perfect even if you think that you already are a very good kisser.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Have you ever been with someone who was perfect in every way? You might have common goal and agreeing opinions on important topics. They might be extremely attentive and very generous with their time. They might even be very generous with little gifts and the like. Then there comes the moment of truth. You get your opportunity for the first kiss after a couple of dates and you find yourself totally nonplussed. Either it was like kissing a dead fish or you felt as if they were trying to devour you or perhaps even some aspect of that first kiss that you simply can’t put your finger on. Maybe you even give them another chance taking into consideration the fact that maybe they were just nervous or trying too hard. But each time you find that they just stink at kissing or even that there is just no passion when you kiss them.

Now think about this for a minute. Could it be possible that your partner or perhaps someone that you just started dating could feel the same way about you? Do you want to take that chance and possibly miss out on the relationship of a lifetime because you don’t know how to kiss? Let’s brush up on your kissing technique a little bit here and get you on the path to being the type of kisser that your date is going to brag to their friends about on Monday morning.

Tension – It is important to create some sexual tension leading up to that first kiss. Yes, they are thinking about it and you are thinking about it and chances are both of you have been thinking about what that first kiss is going to be like from the moment you first met. Don’t let them down by blowing it and picking the wrong time to experience that first kiss. There will come a time when the two of you are alone and your eyes meet and without a word being spoken you will know that this is the moment both of you have been waiting for.

Try not to appear over eager. Bask in the warmth apk 918kiss download of this moment. Experience it and allow yourself to be swept up in the passion of the moment. Take it slow and allow this moment to linger in time for as long as you possibly can. That first sweet kiss is the moment that your partner has been waiting for since they first saw you and as the two of you slowly move towards that first kiss the tension builds to a point where it can almost seem unbearable. This is what you’re aiming for and this should be your goal. Gentleness and but a whisper of a kiss can be the most passionate kiss that you can give your partner for their first kiss.

Passion – With that building tension will come passion and if you have done everything right and if your partner really is attracted to you the passion will rise as your first kiss is followed by further kisses. Allow yourself to be swept up in the moment. Go where your heart leads you while at the same time picking up on queues from your partner. If they become wild with passion then go with it. If they seem to be enjoying soft, tender kisses then give that to them. There will be subtle hints along the way that you should be looking for. Are they holding you tight or touching you softly? Is their mouth open or closed? Do they seem shy or have they gone from zero to sixty in 2.3 seconds? It could be that they have been waiting a long time for this moment and the tension and passion is unbearable for them now as they become overwhelmed with passion for you.

Talking – There’s nothing wrong with quiet whispers or even some louder vocalizations when kissing. All people are different and for some it is a turn-on while for others it’s just a distraction that can be annoying. Give it a try or take your partner’s lead? Typically, if your partner is a little chatty this will mean that they appreciate some banter while making out. If you don’t feel comfortable in vocalizing while kissing take things slow and build up to it. Again, for some it’s a big turn-on and a skill that you can learn and master without much effort.

Take these tips to heart and try to stay in tune with your partner as you approach that first kiss and every one after that and you will find that your relationship will benefit greatly. Kissing is a very important yet often overlooked part of a relationship that all of us could use a little