New Actresses In Science Fiction Television Shows

There’s no doubt that science fiction television shows have some of the hottest women around. Science fiction, by its very nature, is about fantasy. So why not fantasize over some hot ladies while we’re watching our favorite shows? Here’s a list of a few of the hottest women on the latest science fiction shows.

1. Tabrett Bethell

If you’ve seen Legend of the Seeker, you’ve certainly noticed Tabrett Bethell portraying Cara, a Mord-Sith. Off screen, Australian born Tabrett has worked as a model and cheerleader, which adds to her appeal as the hot girl next door. Tabrett possesses the innocent look, while flaunting it like a super model. Tabrett comes across off screen as down to Earth and sensual, her eyes acting as one of her most enticing features.

2. Ali Larter

Playing dual roles as Niki Sanders and Tracy Strauss on “Heroes,” Ali Larter is classically hot. Her blond hair and green eyes give her a Barbie doll appeal, while still remaining down to Earth. On Heroes, she portrays multiple characters and her abilities include being able to mimic water, have super human strength, and freeze things, but with how hot she is, it’s impossible to see how anything could freeze around her. Fans of the show have long followed her trek through the story’s time line, always wanting more Ali.

3. Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer, a Canadian born actress, portrays Number Six on “Battlestar Galactica,” but in most mens’ books, she’s number one. As a Cylon, she can download memories into another body, but most men can’t get her out of their own memory.homeland project free tv  Tricia carries herself as a mature and seductive woman, making many men take a trip to outer space along with her. If you’ve checked out some of Tricia’s picture spreads online, you’ll find out why she’s one of the absolute hottest women on science fiction television.

4. Anna Torv

On the Fox series “Fringe,” Anna Torv plays Olivia Dunham, a smart and classy FBI agent investigating various paranormal phenomena. Australian born, Anna carries herself a bit more serious and mysterious than other actresses in the genre, leading to men around the world having their own nightly visits with her vision, fantasizing about their own soulful encounter with Anna. Fringe continues to be one of the most original series on network television, and thanks to Anna, also one of the hottest.

These are the women to watch for in the next few years. Do not be surprised if they are in a big feature science fiction film as the main leading actresses. They are just that good.


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