Snorkeling Straight Off the Beach at Ningaloo Reef

Swimming with whale sharks in paradise, ningaloo reef western Australia

Ningaloo reef, set off Western Australia’s remote coral coast, is Australia’s largest, most accessible fringing coral reef.

Ningaloo Reef is famous for off-the-beach snorkeling and the magnificent whale sharks that inhabit the waters in this region. Off-the-beach snorkeling in the calm, turquoise waters sandwiched between Ningaloo reef and the rugged red canyons of cape range, snorkelers and swimmers drift mere meters over flourishing coral bombies, while reef sharks catch a few moments of sleep on the sand below with green turtles gliding past.

Ningaloo is a mesmerizing procession of marine  coral reef rug abundance, from the cheeky colorful parrot fish and wrasse gnawing on the vibrant live corals alive with nudibranches and anemone fish protecting their soft sticky homes to the vibrant clown fish darting in and out of the corals. The specter takes you into Walt Disney’s animated movie “FINDING NEMO” as one feels part of this amazing water world. Colorful, vibrant and dangerous all at once.

Traveling to this magical area during March and April will give the traveler an added bonus as the coral spawn. This annual spawning attracts the massive whale sharks, the worlds largest fish, along with Manta Rays and migrating Humpback Whales that stay on till November, when the magnificent Loggerhead, Green, Hawksbill and Flatback turtles return to nest back at their birth place in the surrounding sand dunes.

Campers, snorkelers,divers and fisher folk set up camps at basic sites along this arid coast line. Away from the sea, hikers can follow trails deep into Cape Ranges, the rugged heart of limestone canyons, to observe the shy black footed wallabies, or board a boat and cruise into Yardie Creek and see the nesting sea eagles on the cliffs towering above.

Once you have experienced this magical place the bug bites well and truly and you will just want to keep coming back, if for nothing else but to watch the awesome sunsets over Ningaloo Reef,with a cold beer and the beauty of nature.

Getting to this area is easy, Regular flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide connect local and overseas travelers to the capital of Western Australia Perth, from Perth you have several option go with a regular tour, hitch hike, or hire a car, and then head North along the coast to Ex mouth. Ex mouth was in the recent past a defense base and today features Motels, and caravan parks to cater for the growing number of tourists that are flocking to this paradise, enjoying the balmy and very romantic atmosphere.


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