Ten Tips to Stop a Spider Invasion

While most spiders can be considered predators and venomous, very few pose a significant health risk. Although spiders are not popular, they rarely bite humans. Most spiders’ fangs cannot puncture human skin because they are too weak or small. However, most spider venom isn’t very toxic to humans. It can cause mild swelling, inflammation, itching, and sometimes even slight irritation when they bite.

Two (2) of the most common spiders that homeowners and spider pest control professionals should be concerned about are the Brown Recluse (or Black Widow) spiders. Invasion by either one of these spiders could pose a threat to your life and health. Bites must be treated immediately and should be taken seriously.

What can homeowners do for their protection? To prevent a spider infestation, the best strategy is to reduce the number of pests (food source) within your home or building. This will encourage spiders to flee your home in search of a reliable food source.

Here are 10 reliable pest control tips to reduce the amount of spider/pest intruders in your home.

  1. All windows and doors should have snugly-fitting screens. Door sweeps are also recommended.
  2. Caulk or seal cracks or crevices that spiders/insects might enter your home or building.
  3. To attract less insects, install yellow/sodium sodium vapor light bulbs outdoors.
  4. Tape the cardboard boxes’ edges to stop spider/insect entry.
  5. To store any loose items in your garage, basement or attic, use plastic bags that are sealed.
  6. Take out old boxes and any unused clothing.
  7. Reduce clutter in closets and attics, attics, garages, garages, outbuildings, and basements.
  8. Avoid stacking wood against your house.
  9. Get rid of any dead insects.
  10. To remove webs, spiders and eggs, dust and vacuum well.

To keep your home safe and habitable, it is important to prevent pest infestations. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep pests from invading their home, such as the Brown Recluse and Black Widow spider. Homeowners can avoid a spider infestation by using the common sense approach described above.

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