The Power of Classified Ads

Regular readers of newspapers and Internet users must have often observed that more than half of the content of these resources are filled with classified ads. People read through the headlines of the newspaper and give just a glance to the classifieds, but that has never discouraged any of the ad posters from posting such ads…. Why?

This article deals with the questionable  free classified ads pakistan  presence of classified ads on a constant basis in the newspapers and online sites. You may wonder why for getting just one glance of the reader these endorsers spend such huge amounts. Actually the endorsers who place their ads firmly believe that repute and sales go hand in hand to achieve the target of a prosperous business venture.

Readers may ignore these ads once twice maybe even thrice but when they see these ads placed persistently in the newspaper the do tend to get enticed by there statements and call the endorser for further details of the products or facilities. The endorser is then expected to deal in a tactful manner to achieve the target of successful sales that has been partially achieved for the business firm by the online ads. Whenever a reader or viewer views an ad placed on an online site or in newspaper, he/she tends to form a pique of the product or facility in his/her mind.

If you try evaluating the profitable aspects of these online ads and of business status with the number of sales achieved over a period of time, it would be in appropriate. Today’s ads are the means of obtaining sales through the indirect route and not the direct route. Every time you feel the frustration of zero calls after placement of classified ads, just remind yourself of the aforementioned attributes of classified ads. You may earn money through sales but it will be obtained in a fluctuating manner if the promotion of the services/products is not done in an acceptable manner.

Classified Ads do extend their share of incremental gains but after sometime, not instantly. Endorsers are required to be very tolerant with work mechanics of classified ads. A hurried attitude of the endorser will result in a loss only for the endorser and not for anybody else. The tone of the header’s statement makes a big difference to the promotive aspect of indirect sales. You may post an ad online that states “guaranteed 10 kilos weight loss in 2 weeks” while the other one states “We have feedbacks– weight loss in 2 weeks”, apparently the reader would like to go for the second ad.

Sponsor ads offer the website owner more bang for the buck. Sponsor ads can be taken out in just about any type of website you can think of. Many of these websites offer advertising space to increase their own revenue. Trust me if your website is a business or even a part time hobby, generating revenue is the name of the game. The internet is a fast paced medium. Advertising is as old as business itself. Getting the word out about your product or service is one of the most effective ways to increase your business.The internet business is no different. All business need traffic that turns into buyers in order to survive. While the brick and mortar business has access to the internet, it can also attract buyers to its physical location from around town. The internet is the physical location for internet business. The signs you put up are electronic ads.

Ezines or electronic magazines are a great source of ad space for sponsored ads. Ezines reach millions of buyers on the web every day. Buyers hungry for information and products that will help them on their life’s journey. The major consideration for any web business is advertising where their customers are. If your selling tea kettles don’t advertise in pottery making ezines. Target sponsor ads to sites that are relevant to your ad. Pick ezines that your buyers would read. Customers are always searching for ideas and updating old ideas, so place sponsor ads on those sites.(requires thinking). Like any business you want to expose your product or service to as many potential buyers as possible. Select your sponsor ad ezines carefully.

Blogs are another source for sponsor ads. There are millions of blogs on the internet these days. Blogging seems to be our national pastime. (sorry baseball) In reality more of a world wide pastime. Some of the same points we covered about ezines apply here. The blog you select must be relevant to your ad. Blogs where your customers are lurking around for those bloggers grains of wisdom. Of course there is a lot of hot air in blogging also. Meaning there’s a lot of writing but not much traffic on most blogs. You need to find blogs that have attracted a considerable following. Become a reader and comment on post that interest you or where you can help. In other words do some basic research before you advertise. Make sure your reaching the right market. Besides you just might pick up an idea for a new product, right from the mouth of your potential customers.

Business websites are another great place to use sponsor ads. They must be sites your customer will frequent, with a sufficient amount of web visitors. Think like your customer,which websites would you search out? Many web masters like to sell products that compliment their site, or add to it in some way. Selling ad space accomplishes that goal. By providing, not only great content, but also ads of products relevant to their customers interest webmasters increase the value of the experience for their customers and yours. Pick relevant sites and contact the webmaster to see if they are interested. The smart ones are interested.

The cost of sponsor ads will vary. The cost of your ad is affected by numerous variables. Which site you use, the number of visitors, and the site owner themselves affect the price you pay for your ads. Sponsor ads can be cheaper than PPC ads, and expose you to a larger audience. Whether they will be as responsive or not is another matter. Like any business you could start small and increase your sponsored advertising as your revenue grew. Sponsor Ads are a great way to increase your exposure while keeping your cost down. It can help you connect with customers and potential customers on a larger scale. Using common sense and picking responsive well managed sites that are relevant to you and your product will help you avoid most of the pitfalls. Relevant site placement of ads increases your ROI because your customers are targeted.



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