Training is Key For Plumbing and Heating Professionals

The dwindling economy has caused many businesses to cut as many corners as they can, at least with regards to monetary aspects. Small plumbing and heating companies try to save money wherever possible including the hiring of people who might not yet be fully qualified to do their jobs as it is typical that the fewer qualifications a person has, the less it costs to employ them. One area that a plumbing and heating company should not skimp on is the training of its plumbing and heating engineers.

Here are a few reasons why companies need to do everything they can to make sure that their plumbing and heating engineers are fully trained.

1. The government requires that engineers in the heating and plumbing industry obtain required certifications. These guarantee that the engineer has up to date knowledge of all of the current building codes and local laws that they must adhere to when they are working. A few of the certifications that are required include the CORGI registration (for gas work), the Unvented system training and assessment, the BPEC, the Part P Electrical and Building Regulations.

2. Plumbing and Heating Engineers that have obtained all of the training and proper certifications are able to charge more for their services either as individuals or as part of a company. Many companies base the starting wages upon the number and degree of qualifications an engineer has when they are hired.

3. Heating and Plumbing Engineers who take the time to ensure that all of their certifications and training are up to date have proven to be more reliable professionally than those who learn the work “in the field.” Their work is often of a better quality which reflects their understanding of the technical and legal requirements. These engineers provide a better investment to the company that hires them than someone who has not yet bothered to finish their training and certifications. Mortgage advisor Sheffield 

Many companies choose to hire plumbing and heating engineers when they are just starting out because they prefer their engineers to be trained in certain ways. For companies who choose to do this, there are several governmental programs available to help fund the certification process. The CPS (Competent Person Scheme) is one such program, being used by several players in the plumbing and heating sector.

It is important that plumbing and heating engineers stay informed about the up and coming “green” methods that are being developed. The world is turning towards environmentally friendly practices and, in order for a company to be competitive in a modern market, the engineers hired should be as well versed about the newer technologies as they are about the traditional ones. Such new technologies include solar thermal panels, underfloor heating and ground source heat pumps.

In order to be competitive in a volatile economy, all heating and plumbing engineers need to ensure that they are well trained and adequately certified. When members of the public are given a choice between saving some money on an engineer whose training is not complete compared to an engineer who has completed all the required certifications and training programs, we believe a large number of customers will choose to spend more money to guarantee a high quality work.

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