Turkey is a Watch-Word in the World of Overseas Property Investment

Turkey is a watch-word in the world of overseas property investment, according to overseas property specialists. Over the next 5 years Turkey will become one of the biggest and best destinations with foreigners buying property abroad as an investment the company claims.

“It is really all go with Turkey at the moment; during an international slowdown Turkey is accelerating,” said a leading Turkish property specialist.

Turkey received over 23million visitors last year, 2 million of those were from Britain according to the Association for British Travel Agents who also predicted 25% growth in the number of British visitors to Turkey this year on record in an interview with Write About Property.   property turkey

ABTA cited Turkey being outside the Euro zone as a benefit when the Euro is so strong, and especially against the low living costs already found in Turkey. Then there is the word-of-mouth cycle, that is to say the more visitors Turkey receives the more it will receive as happy tourists come home raving about the country.

Over the past 3 years, Turkey has made massive infrastructure improvements which have given the country a better capacity to increase tourism.

“Holidays aren’t the only thing that is cheap in Turkey; property is currently available for a fraction of the cost of Europe’s traditional favourites. Then you have the fantastic climate and great beaches; Turkey really has everything it needs to propel it to the top of the international property investment ladder,” the Turkish property expert explained.



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