Why Buy And Sell Using Free Classified Ads Website Online?.Why A Lead Capture Funnel Is Essential For Facebook Ads Success

Are you using the traditional means of advertising for your business? If you have online stores, then attempt to use online classified ads for your business. The last few decades had been dominated by classified ads which used to appear on newspapers. They still do. The advancement of technology has paved the way for web ads. Now more and more people are reaching on the net to gather all kinds of information. To survive in this competitive world of business, you must embrace the online medium for promotion of your business.

You may have been an owner of  free classified ads pakistan  an established business. You were quite comfortable in placing classified advertisements in the newspapers. This was a cheaper means of providing information about your product to the potential customers. So far this strategy had been working out efficiently for your business. Now with the advent of technology, the commercial world has gone through revolutionary changes. You have online stores, and so you want to reach out to customers all over the globe. Now you need to embrace a new medium that is the web to buy and sell free classified ads. Take the web platform to provide information about your business.

Using classified ads was always cheaper even while using print media. Some of the advertising sites may charge negligible fees otherwise most of the sites offer free posting of these advertisements. You gain an opportunity to make the products known to your likely customers without almost coughing up anything from your pocket.

Before placing the advertisements, you may want to check your content matter over and over again for grammatical errors. You can take help of various online tools too for this purpose. So after posting, you do not have to sit patiently for reviews, unlike newspaper advertising. As soon as you post an advertisement on the web, you do not have to wait for replies too for a few days. The buyers or sellers can straight away contact you. This ensures faster processing of transactions.

Any advertisement of goods or services on the radio, television, newspaper is useful. However, you have to take one thing into consideration that these mediums cannot be accessed at all times. The world of web is an exception. You can now access the internet through your smartphones while on the go. You may even conduct selling or purchasing transactions while waiting in the queue or at a restaurant. You can do business with your mobile devices from the comforts of your phone at your convenience.

For instance, at the top of the sales funnel, people wouldn’t know your brand, and what you do, so you need to introduce yourself to them. For this purpose, Brand Awareness and Reach ads are great objectives to use for your Facebook advert. You don’t want to sell on them aggressively as it could turn them off your brand. Instead, try to offer something of value. When they engage with your ad, you can retarget them later on with another ad using the retargeting tool (Facebook Pixel) which we spoke about in another article

At the middle of your funnel, your audience will be at the stage where they will be more likely to consider your business as the solution to their pain point. Since this is your second point of contact with your audience, they’d be more likely to engage with your advert. You can use different campaign objectives depending on what you want to achieve. For instance, you can choose from Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation, and Messages objectives on Facebook ads. Maybe a few people in your audience will be willing to buy something from you now, but most of them will need some more prodding. So we go into the next stage of the funnel.

At the bottom of the funnel, this is where you ask people to buy your stuff. You’ve already made some contact with them, you’ve provided massive value so far, they’ve engaged with your past adverts, they’ve visited your site, signed up to your mailing list, downloaded your app, and more. They should be ready to buy now. You can create a Facebook ad with any of the following objectives: Conversions, Catalog Sales, and Store Visits. When you create the perfect advert, one that will resonate with your bottom of the funnel audience, then you’ve got them in the bag. You can also do a few split tests so you can find the winning advert which you can scale later on.

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